Hey, my name is Maxime.

I’m a freelance Front-End Developer with a UX/UI Designer background.

What I do

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Front-end development

Need help on front-end side? I can develop, adapt or integrate solutions to your existing project or even from scratch. I also bring my expertise by analysing, defining and estimating the best technical solutions based on business requirements.


UX/UI Design

Need help with designing your project? I can create efficient website designs based on your content, or redesign old websites to improve your conversions or achieve your business goals.


Shopify Design & Setup

Are you a store owner without an eCommerce? I can help you design & build fully custom landing pages, product & collection pages.

Some blog posts

“Design must drive Development and not the opposite!”

Design system, Atomic design, Component thinking

In 2017, I started a wonderful and stressful adventure in a startup. The goal was to build a large learning platform.
A “scalable” platform...

24 February, 2020 - Maxime Musin

About me

I wasn’t always a developer. In a previous chapter of my life I worked as a designer in printing sector before I became a UX/UI Designer.

In 2013, I quit my job, I did a master training in development and after this I became a freelance designer/developer. I wanted to help businesses to grow as fast as they can. I love that my work really makes a difference for both entrepreneurs and businesses.

All my development work passes through the lens of my experience as a designer. I like the fact that everything has meaning and not only by opinion. User's experience matter!

So you guessed it I love design as mush as code!
That's why I love my job! 

Just say hi.

I'm always open to discuss about your project, improve your online presence or/and help with your UX/UI design challenges.

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